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Question 20. How do historians categorize the past into three different periods? Give names of these periods.

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a. Historians refer to various sources in order to get an understanding and knowledge about the events that have brought about the evolution of society, and tend to add their own understanding of the event.
b. They refer to varied sources like literary sources which includes administrative records, judicial records, chronicles and archaeological sources like inscriptions, coins, artifacts to investigate changes that have occurred over a period of time and add their own perspective to it. These sources also may at times provide conflicting information.
c. While reconstructing history they invariably add a degree of subjectivity, biasness to it and tend to differ with other's understanding of history.
d. Since , they deal with human past, society and refer to historical questions that refer us back to notions of time, historians may find difficult to get fixed answers to historical events and categorise them.
e. We may give example of how British classified Indian history into Hindu, Muslim and the British period, contrary to some another classification that is Ancient, medieval and the British or colonial as referred by some historians.



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