Plz give solution of sum number 52

Plz give solution of sum number 52 When a body is in equilibrium - (1) There is no force acting on it (2) The force acting on it not in contact with it (3) The combination of forces acting on it balances each other (4) The body is in vaccum 52. A mass M of 100 kg is suspended with use of strings A, B and C as shown in fig. where W is vertical wall and R is a rigid horizontal rod.The tension in string B is 56 (1) 100g N (3) 1000 g N 45 c 906 T M - 100 kg 100 Force are acting on a body according to fig. If body is moving horizontally at a constant speed Of 5 m/s then value of P and S respectively will be v=5m/s

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let tension be T in string C and T' in string Bbalance the forces Tsin45=T'Tsin45=100gT=1002gT'=1002g12=100g NRegards

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Option 1) 100g
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3) 100?2`
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