Plz explain. This part

Plz explain. This part Molar conductivity Of a solution at a given concentration iS the uctnnce Of the volume V' of solution containing one mole Of electrolyte kept between two electrodes With area of cross section A and distance Of unit length. Therefore. • I and A • V ( VOI u me containi i mole Of ectrolyte) (3 22 Molar conductivity increases With

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Molar conductivity of a solution at a given concentration is the conductance of volume V of a solution containing 1 mole of the electrolyte, kept between two electrodes with the cross-sectional area of A and distance of unit length. 
It is denoted by Λ m
It is given by the follwoing relation 

 Λ m = κ / c

where κ is the conductivity of the solution and c is its concentration.

 For both weak and strong electrolytes, molar conductivity increases with decrease in concentration.

As in molar conductivity we are taking the conductivity per mole. So, number of moles become 1 and finally we get,    

  Λ m   = κ/ (1/V)

  Λ m   = κV/1

Hence,  Λ m   = κV

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Molar  conductivity  states  that  solution  at  a  given  concentration  is  equal  and  directly  proportional  to  the  conductance  of  the  solution  present  in  a   fixed  volume  which  contains  one  mole  of   electrolyte  kept  between  two  electrodes  with  a  unit  length  and  area  of   cross - section.
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