Plz answer these quickly

Plz answer these quickly (7) (10) (A) (B) (A) (A) (B) (A) (B) neir dog is too friendly to be an effective guard dog. Their dog is Sameer said, "Ramesh, can you help me with my homework?" Sameer. All nooks and corners were checked. No nook or corner. How long I shall stay is doubtful. lhe.. (b) Fill in each blank with a suitable word. (Do not write the sentence.) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Ii we set early, we Can return before sunset. He left the company for good and set his own business. The teacher jumped a conclusion and punished the child. Ramesh jumped— my offer of a job. I am a simple man and have no use _much money. My father lost the use Rahul decided to carry ball. his right arm in an accident. with tennis and give up volley Dinanath is a good worker and is always ready to carry master' s orders. Reena agreed me when I proposed a nweting. The four sisters could not agree themselves.

Dear Student,

(7) Their dog is so friendly that it can not be an effective guard dog.
(8) Sameer requested Ramesh to help him with his home work.
(9) No nook or corner were left unchecked.
(10) The doubt is how long I shall stay.
  1. Out
  2. Up
  3. To
  4. At
  5. For
  6. Of
  7. On
  8. Out
  9. With
  10. Among

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