Pls solved it with explanation

Pls solved it with explanation parth, Raman and Zaisha are partrrs in a firm manufacturing furniture. T'æy have been sharing profits and losses in the ratio of S : 3 : 2. From April. 2017 decided to share future profits and losses in ratio of 2 : S : 3. Balance showed a debit balance of 4,000 in Profit & Loss Account; balance of 36.000 General Reserve and a Balance of 12,000 in Workmen's Com#nsation Reserve. It was agreed that — (i) goodwill of the firm be valued at 76,000. (ii) The Sock (book value of 40,000) was to be depreciated by (iii) Credit«s amounting to 900 were not likely to be claimed. (iv) Claim on account of Workmen's Compensation amounted to 20,000. UVUv) Investments (book value 38,000) were revalued at 40,000. c_TUOhe firm mmufactures comfortable rocking chairs for donating to 'Kareforyou• an Old Hotl* every year. Taking cognizance of the rising pollution levels in the country, fim has decided to transfer of the profits every year to 'Green Fund' rømarily used for environment friendly activities starting from the year 2017-1 S. (a) Pass IEcessary Journal entries for the above. (b) Also state any two values highlighted in the above case. 11

Dear Student,

Date Particulars L.F. Debit
  Revaluation A/c Dr.   11,200  
    To Stock A/c       3,200
    To Claim against WCF A/c       8,000
  (Decrease in asset and increase in liability debited to Revaluation A/c)        
  Creditors A/c Dr.   900  
  Investments A/c Dr.   2,000  
    To Revaluation A/c       2,900
  (Increase in asset and decrease in liability credited to Revaluation A/c)        
  Parth’s Capital A/c Dr.   4,150  
  Raman’s Capital A/c Dr.   2,490  
  Zaisha’s Captal A/c Dr.   1,660  
    To Revaluation A/c       8,300
  (Revaluation loss debited to partners in old ratio)        
  Parth’s Capital A/c Dr.   2,000  
  Raman’s Capital A/c Dr.   1,200  
  Zaisha’s Captal A/c Dr.   800  
    To Profit & Loss A/c       4,000
  (Debit balance in P&L A/c written off amongst the partners in old ratio)        
  General Reserve A/c Dr.   36,000  
    To Parth’s Capital A/c       18,000
    To Raman’s Capital A/c       10,800
    To Zaisha’s Capital A/c       7,200
  (General Reserve distributed among the partners in old ratio)        
  Parth’s Capital A/c Dr.   22,800  
    To Raman’s Capital A/c       15,200
    To Zaisha’s Capital A/c       7,600
  (Adjustment for goodwill)        

Calculation of Sacrificing/Gaining Ratio

Parth=510-210=310(sacrifice)Raman=310-510=-210(gain)Zaisha=210-310=-110(gain)Parth's share in goodwill=76,000×310=22,800Raman's share in goodwill=76,000×210=15,200Zaisha's share in goodwill=76,000×110=7,600

(i) Concern towards aged and elderly
(b) Environment sensitivity

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