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Q.10. The following curve is obtained when  λ m is plotted against the square root of concentration for two electrolytes A and B.

a) What can you say about the nature of the two electrolytes A and B?
b) How do you account for the increase in  λ m for the electrolytes A and B on dilution?

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The curve obtained for a strong electrolyte shows that there is a small decrease in molar conductivity with increase in concentration. so curve A is for strong electrolyte.  In other words, the molar conductivity is increased only slightly on dilution. A strong electrolyte is completely dissociated in solution and thus, gives all ions for conductance.
B is for weak electrolyte so there is a large increase in the value of molar conductivity with dilution. This is because as the solution of a weak electrolyte is diluted, its ionization is increased. This results in more number of ions in solution and thus, there is an increase in molar conductivity. 

Weak electrolytes dissociate to a lesser extent and thus, give less number of ions for conductance as compared to strong electrolytes. Thus, the conductance of a weak electrolyte is much less than that of a strong electrolyte at same concentration.


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