Pls solve 5 th question fully .read the case study and under q 5 solve the 1 and 2 based on the case stydy

Pls solve 5 th question fully .read the case study and under q 5 solve the 1 and 2 based on the case stydy d) preparing a blueprint for future. e) process of defining and grouping activity of an enterprise to establish authority relationship. 4. Mr Nitin Singhania's father deals in the business of iron and steel. His father wishes that his should join the family business but he wants to go to the USA for pursuing MBA- On the basis of emerging trends, what should he do? Give three reasons in support of your answer. 5. Rishitosh Mukerjee has recently joined AMV Ltd, a company manufacturing refrigerators. that his department was under-staffed and other departments were not cooperating with his deparment for smooth functioning Of the organisation. Therefore, he ensured that his the required number of employees and its cooperation with other deparments is improved. 1. Identify the level at which Rishitosh Mukerjee was working. 2. Also, state three more functions required to be performed by Rishitosh Mukerjeeat this level. 6 Vaibhav Garments Ltd/s target is to produce 10,000 shirts per month at a cost of 150 per shirt production manager could achieve this target at the cost of 160 per shirt. Do you think the prod manager is effective? Give reasons for your answer. 7. Esha works as the cost and risk management head of a company in power sector. As a result Of excellent managerial competence, the company is able to reduce costs and increase productiviW• company belongs to infrastructure sector, wherein regular amendments are, regulations and policies. She holds regular meetings to ensure that people in her department*i

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1. The level at which Rishitosh Mukerjee was working - Middle Level Management
2. Functions of middle level management are:
• Interpret the policies framed by top management.
• Ensure that their department has the necessary personnel
• Assign necessary duties and responsibilities to them
• Motivate them to achieve desired objectives Cooperate with other departments for smooth functioning of the organisation.

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