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from the given information about the workforce in formal and informal sector. it is clearly observe that percentage of workforce in formal sector is less as compared to informal sector. it can be observed that only near about 6 % of the workforce is engaged in formal sector as compared to approx 93 % workforce engaged in informal sector. whereas if compare the percentage of workforce of male and female working in formal and informal sector. We will observe that percentage of female working in formal sector is less than the percenatge of female wokforce working in informal sector. out of total workforce working in formal sector only 20% workforce is female remaining 80 % wokforce is male.
And in informal sector, percenatge of female wokforce is increased to approx 31% of total workforce working in informal sector. whereas male percenatge of working informal sector decraese to approx 69%. 
we can conclude, indian workforce are higher in informal sector. it may be due to intense competition, risk and uncertainty, which both employers and employess face due to globalisation. with a general view, it is better to be employed, even it is informal in nature, rather than being unemployed.

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