Pls answer the following questions

II. Fill in the blanks :
a) Company's traders were known as _____________.

b) ____________________ Portuguese explorer, had discovered the sea route to India in ______________.

c) The spices like _____________ , _________________ , ____________and______________were in great demand in European market.

d) _______________ , _______________ , ______________ , trading companies engaged into fierce battles to reap the maximum profit from the trade with India.

e) Trading ports of European companies were protected through_____________.

f) The company wanted a___________________ruler who would willingly give trade concessions.

g) One of the main reasons for the defeat of Nawab Sirajuddaulah in the battle of___________ was the treachery of_____________________ .

h) In 1765 the Mughal Emperor appointed the company as the ____________ of the provinces of Bengal.

i) Under__________________ a new policy of paramountcy was initiated. Now the Company claimed that its authority was ____________.

j) Lord Dalhousie devised a policy that came to be known as________________.

k) Plassey derived its name from_____________________know for its beautiful red flowers that produce_____________ used in the festival of Holi.


. e. Borders of India.

f. Wise

g. Plassey, Mir Jafar

​h. Ruler

i. Lord Hastings, Supreme.

j. Doctrine of Lapse.

k. Palash tree, gulal the powder

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Borders  of India
Sirajuddalauh , gold
Dalhousie's policy
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