Pls ans these all 9 short questions SHORT ANSWER Questions 12 

1. Despite her physical appearance, the grandmother has been called beautiful. Why?
2 "Old, so terribly old that she could not have grown older,... Explain. Why did the author think so?
3 Why did the grandmother chant her prayers continuously and loudly? How did the author respond to it?
4 Who prepared the author for school? How?

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to two of your questions. You are expected to post the others in separate threads. 

1. In spite of her physical appearance, the grandmother had been called beautiful because of the qualities that she exhibited. The grace on her face was a reflection of the goodness within her and was not limited to the physical beauty and looks. Therefore, she was called beautiful.
2. There was no change in the grandmother from the time the author saw her and therefore, he believed that she was old enough and could not become any older. The age seemed to be staying the same for the past twenty years and therefore, he failed to believe that she could get any older. Also, the physical appearance like her stooping, made him feel that she was already old enough.
4. The grandmother prepared the author for school. She used to wake him up in the morning and she said her morning prayers in a sing-song way while she bathed and dressed him. She would then fetch his slate, ink-pot, red pen and tie in a bundle and hand it over to the author. She then fed him his breakfast and would walk him to school.

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