Please tell me answers of these ques.?

Please tell me answers of these ques.? WORKSHEET me ihem re w•th h r ub en ntences. _suQiect. Cross it and write the corrccg in the Ex. E.cb of students take lakes the bus. t Dr Jones and her mother leaches music. 2. Neither Or. Jones nor her mother how to boil water. 3. There is the list of courses that you were looking for. 4. E you or your sister have to take notes on the lecture. S Both the instructors and 'tudents has len for the day. Spring classes was announced I week- 7. Here are the list or Supplies which you ordered. • S. Eve•ryGdy in this school have taken the shot that prevents Measles. Sornc of the students in her class enters the essay contest every year. 10. The who got registered early _arsæoing to get extra credit. Mr. Mrs. Sm ith atten dine that con ference for many years. 12 sr.dents and Dr. Lee pepa_rs bulletin each montiu : 3. ges one of the men who will conduct the research- 14 of tuz are going to presented at the J Exh of Fornised a pan in the play. wornn has tren late to class this semester. of pagxr which I read often were miss • IS in this rwrn fit with decor of the home. 19 Aa of along hißlwuy was rmovd ul ble is are on my dak- is •rea friend or mine •re daily

Dear Student.
  1. teach
  2. knows
  3. this is 
  4. has
  5. have
  6. were
  7. is
  8. has
  9. enter
  10. is
  11. have
  12. prepare
  13. that
  14. these
  15. were
  16. this
  17. was
  18. fits
  19. were
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