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Ans 1
a. The poet invites the happy child to describe his memories of the past.
b. The child seemed to be happy. We know this since he's characterised as a "smiling child" by the poetess.
c. The child describes the past as a soft and mild autumn evening.
d. The wind moans sadly. When the wind blows, it sounds like someone is crying.
e. The young bird is sitting on a tree, gathering all of its power in preparation to take flight.
f. The sea is described by the child as powerful, majestic, and bright, as well as continuously stretching.

Ans 2 Meanings
  • Thee - The person or object addressed.
  • Mournfully - expressing sorrow 
  • Spray - sprinkling
  • Mighty -  very strong or powerful
Ans 3 Adjectives used are
  • Evening - Soft and Mild
  • Spray - Green and flower
  • Sea - A mighty, glorious, dazzling

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