Please tell 10 points on the topic of debate on Ukraine vs Russia war in favour of Ukraine

  1. Russian declaration of special military operation in Ukraine included a transparently non-valid claim of genocide and Nazi rule in the Kyiv regime.
  2. Russia is the aggressor and the war is affecting millions of civil life and damage to property.
  3. None of Russia's claims of threat from NATO can justify the brutalities of Putin's war.
  4. The war can be seen as the Russian desire to reestablish control over a vassal that seceded its rule. 
  5. Ukrainians stand for democracy against Russian authoritarianism that might resemble before independence imperial rule over an unwilling colony. 
  6. Inclined towards the western liberal thought Ukraine is fighting to remain free.
  7. As a result of Russian control, Ukraine could turn into a pawn for appeasing Putin's desire to establish Russia's greatness.
  8. Many civilians have joined the military to resist totalitarianism, and for the freedom of their homeland
  9.  The devastation caused by the war in the Ukrainian territories has led millions of citizens to flee their homes. 
  10. Many prominent leaders in Russia have spoken against the state of affairs and pointed out that Russia is at fault to invade Ukraine

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