Please solve this:

1. The type of trees and animals thriving in a forest depends on 
  (a) Climate of a place                (b) topography of a place.
  (c) soil type of a place               (d) all of these. 

2. Forest have been cleared for
  (a) agriculture                             (b) industry and housing

  (c) construction of roads              (d) all of these. 

3. Trees that act as windbreakers are .

  (a) coconut and palm                (b) teak and sal

  (c) mango and coconut               (d) jackfruit. 

4. Plants that give us medicine are.
  (a) vanila and mango                (b) amla

  (c) neem and eucalyptus               (d)Both B and C

5. Forest can be conserved by 
  (a) afforestation                                 (b) planned cultivation

  (c) preventing illegal logging                (d) all of these. 

Dear student,
Ans. 1. d 
The type of organisms thriving in a forest depends on different characteristics of a forest like climate, soil type and topography  
Ans.2. d
Deforestation is done as part of construction of roads, agriculture, industrial purposes and hosing.
Ans. 4.d
Amla, eucalyptus and neem have medicinal value.
Ans. 5.d
Forests can be conserved by afforestation, planned cultivation and preventing illegal logging.
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