Please Solve My question of An activity

Please Solve My question of An activity Aim: To identitS conductors and insulators Of electric Current Materials required : A d'Y cell. insula!ed Copper wires Wilh bare ends Cello tape. Conunon solid tnalerials such as coin. metal piece. safety pin. an eraser. a plastic card pencil. key etc.. liquids contained in separate beakers such as tap water, salt solution, Vinegar Do all materials allmv electricity to pass through them ar not? (Yes/No) Set up the cell. bulb,the wires and the materials like key. pencil ,plastic card, safety pin as Shown in Figm l. Touch the bare ends of thc wire to coin, metal piece. safety pin, a pencil an eraser, a plastic card by one. Repeat the test by using salt water. tap water, vinegar etc. as shown in figA.2. Material Eraser Pencil Metal -ece Vine ar I.emon •uice Salt water Does the bulb low? Conductorilnsulator Infevencc•i What are the independent, dependent and control variables in this experiment? Ans: Conclusion : {o Angus

Dear Student

Hypothesis : No (eraser and plastic card are insulators)

Observations :
key- yes - conductor
eraser - no -  insulator 
pencil - wood is an insulator but lead in the pencil is a conductor.
metal piece - yes - conductors
vinegar - yes - conductor
lemon juice - yes - conductor
salt water - yes - conductor 

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Experts .Please Help me as I need an answer as for my homework and It is an Important One That carries mark so Please see throygh it and answer .Thanks
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