please send the answer of activity on page number 15 and lets imagine on ​page number 24 [its really really urgent,i have to give my note book tommorow ]

Dear Student,

Such questions are meant to enhance your creative skills, you may however refer the following points for activity on page 15, ​Imagine that you are a young Company official who has been in India for a few months. Write a letter home to your mother telling her about your luxurious life and contrasting itwith your earlier life in Britain. ( Please refer the following)

 Dear Mother,

As a young British officer it gives me immense pride to serve with the East India company and lead a life that we have always longed for. Today, after residing in India for few months, i feel fulfilled having been served by the Indians. We the Englishmen, the whites are definitely superior and are more civilised than the people here whom we have colonised.
Life certainly has changed for better , and if I were to introspect, unlike the hardships we faced back in England, life here is more comfortable and luxurious. I am the master here  being presented everything on a platter by the servants , who needs us the British, the whites to shed their barbarism and become more civilised.

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