Please make a diary entry on the chapter the hundred dresses I & a main cha

Please make a diary entry on the chapter the hundred dresses I & a main cha b) Identify yourself with One of the main characters Of the Story and express yourself in the form of a diary entry.

Dear Student,

Tuesday , 11th June, 2019 10:00 PM
Dear diary,

I feel aggrieved and disturbed by the insulting words of my classmates. Peggy and Maddie, both of them leave no chance to look me down. Being a Polish girl and having a long name, I feel helpless to revert them in the same manner. Peggy is vain; she teases me by asking about my dress. She asks me how many dresses, shoes, hats etc do I have. When I reply that I have 100 dresses and 60 pairs of shoes, she asks whether all of them are of different colours and designs. Maddie always remains calm and thus supports Peggy in doing so; she lacks courage to state what is right and what is wrong.
I never react and try to smile at their irritating questions. Now that my father has come to know what I am going through, he has decided to shift to another city in order to avoid confrontation and racism. As such, humiliating circumstances should neither be tolerated nor be accepted.


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It is not cha it is character typing mistake
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cha not character typing error.
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