Please help with a suitable answer for Q-17.

Please help with a suitable answer for Q-17. (Ans. Opening capital Fund tlÄ000; tkticit e«ooo; Balance Sheet Tou Hint Excess Of Exsmses over (i e. will &bit of & Account Consumable G 01 'ds Q. 17. Calculate the amount Of Sports material to to the Income Account Of Capital Club for the year ended 31-3-2019 on of the following information • 1, 20/8 Of material for material Amount paid for sports material during the year was 19,0. Sports Materials consumed to be on the debit Side of e 20,700. | Q. 18. On the basis Of information given calculate tlr medicines to debited to the and Expenditure Account' of 31, 20" 31. H.ital few the year coded 31-3-2019 Stock of Medici Medicines 1, 2018 Medicines purchased during the year 31-3-2019 were Scanned by CamScanner FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OV NOT40R.PAOFrr Medicines Cem_swned for Medicines will Q. l' •L Calculate what Will to & EXFndittreA/e year 31st March 2015 : Of stationery on 1st April, 2014 Crafitors fw stationery on 1st 2014 Advan« for stMiOncry carried I St April 2014 (iv) Stock Ofstaticmy 31st March, 201 $ (v) for 3 1st Mamh, 2015 Jud for Statiorwry on 31st Mach, 2015 Amount paid stationery dunng 2014-15 &bited to & Expenditure A/c tS4, O, 20. Calculate amount that Will against the item Statiat*ty in the & Exper«hture for the 2019 : jiu 40.0 Stock of Dwing 2018-19. paynmt made to these to Statiomy in cash dtring the year 25% of the total of Amcnmt of Statiorrry to be debitd to & Credit of Stationery Purchase of Statiorwry t nooo) Q. 21. How ue fo treated While the of a the year en±d 3 1st March, 2019 : RECEIvrs PA YMENrs ACCOUNT 2019 By Spets 137,000 By Calh of Scanned by CamScanner

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