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a. The excretory system is made up of the following parts:

(a) Kidney: The human body has a pair of kidneys, one on each side of the vertebral column. Each kidney is about 150 g in weight, 12 cm in length, 6 cm in width and 3 cm in thickness.

(b) Ureter: The ureters are a pair of thin-walled urinary ducts that originate in the kidney. Each ureter is about 30 cm in length. The ureter runs into the urinary bladder.

(c) Urinary bladder: The urinary bladder is a bag-like structure that stores urine prior to its removal through the urethra.

(d) Urethra: The urethra is the duct that discharges urine out of the body.  

b. i.  The pulmonary artery carries carbon dioxide- rich blood or deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs.
ii. Pulmonary arteries carry carbon dioxide rich blood but it carries blood from heart to the lungs. By definition of artery the vessels which carry blood away from heart are referred as artery. So, instead of carrying carbon dioxide rich blood it is referred as artery and not vein.

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