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Please help me to do this question you are going to wait for a time in this lunch queue cautioned the newly b) Answer orally the compoUnd adjective and compound noun to other ones. u—-Chonge the adverb to another one to See how meaning changes. the given adjectives or add new ones. 4. How many clauses does the sentence have? Hint-. count the verbs. 5. Change the sentence from direct to indirect voice. 6. Change prepositional phrase to mean the opposite. 7. Pick out the demonstrative adjective in the Sentence and change it to change meaning. 8. Pick out the abstract noun and change into an adverb and an adjective.

Dear Student,
It is not clear as to which words have to be changed. However, given below are some answers.

1. brand-new - new; lifespan - lifetime
2. helpfully - assertively
3. impatiently wait, long lunch queue

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