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Option C is correct.
Excretion involves removal of only metabolic wastes of cells activities. It includes only liquid and gases.
The removal of solid wastes (undigested food) from the body is called egestion. Hence (iii) statement is incorrect.

Plants do not have special organs for excretion. They excrete waste material through various parts like leaves, roots, etc. 
  •  Plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis while carbon dioxide during respiration as waste products which can be released outside through root cell walls, stomata and other routes. 
  • The excess water absorbed from roots is also lost through stomata via transpiration. Gums, resins, etc are stored in old xylem tissues as a waste product.
  • Waste product is also stored in leaves that fall. 
  • Roots also release some substances into the soil as excretory products
 Excretion in unicellular organism like amoeba and protozoa occurs through diffusion. Multicellular organism have proper excretory organ which may be tubular like flatworm and leech. Insects also have tubular excretory organ like grasshopper and cockroach etc. which removes nitrogenous waste through body fluid. In vertebrates the excretory organs are kidney which maintains water balance and removes waste from the body. Hence (ii) statement is incorrect.


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C. Option is correct.
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