Please help in Q3 and fast

Please help in Q3 and fast One curved surface. two plane faces of equal size (iv) Six square faces (u) One square base, four triangular faces (vi) Three rectangular faces, two tria base of equal size ( Name the solid(s) that have (i) 4 races (ii) 5 faces (iii) 6 faces (iv) 1 surface (vi) 5 vertices (vii)6 vertices (viii) no verticns (ix)9edges (xii) no edges (xiii) 5 faces and 5 vertices txi) 1 edge Complete the following table and verify the Euler's formula. Number Of Faces Number of Vertices Number of Edges Eulers F Name Of Solids (E) (F) (i) Cube Rectangular prism Triangular Prism (c) (d) Sphere Cone Pyramid (v) 4 vertices (x) 2 edges

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The solids that have 
(i) 4 faces - Triangular pyramid (base is a triangle)
(ii) 5 faces - Rectangular pyramid (base is a rectangle)
(iii) 6 faces - Cube
(iv) 1 surface - Sphere
(v) 4 vertices - Triangular pyramid 
(vi) 5​​​​​ vertices - Rectangular pyramid
(vii) 6 vertices - Triangular prism
(viii) No vertices - sphere
(ix) 9 edges - Triangular prism
(x) 2 edges - Cylinder
(xi) 1 edge - cone
(xii) No edges - sphere
(xiii) 5 faces and 5 vertices - Rectangular pyramid

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3.(i) Tetrahedron (ii) Pyramid (iii) Cube
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(v) Quadrilateral (vi) Pyramid (vii) Prism (viii) Sphere
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(ix) Triangular prism (x) Cylinder (xii) Sphere (xiii) Square pyramid
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