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Such questions are meant to enhance your creative skills, you may refer the following points to be included in your answer:

You are living in England in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century. How would you have reacted to the stories of British conquests? Remember that you would have read about the immense fortunes that many of the officials were making. 

The following points may help you: 

a. As a lay person who is not associated with East India company, nor part of the government I would have surely resented British conquest and its policies of colonialism.
b. As it amounted to subjugation and oppression of the colonial people.
c. It resulted in the massive drain of wealth, exploitation of the colonial people.
d. I would have also criticized British policy of divide and rule , of pitting one group against another.
e. The British conquest reveals it dual face, which on one hand talks of freedom, liberty, in its own country and at the same time denies such values to colonial people.
f. The British were only motivated by their economic interests, with the prospects of getting cheap labour, raw material, and market, they did nothing to improve the condition of the people.
g. Whatever administrative changes they introduced served their own interest.
h. The Company officials made huge money at the expense of innocent population.
i. It in fact, brought about massive deprivation of the people in the colonies.



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