Please give me a Summary "A House is not a home" by"Zan Gaudioso "


                                                                        A House is not a Home Summary 

The story revolves around Zan. He was sad as he got into a new high school. He did not have his old friends and was a junior there. He missed the old school and would visit it often. He had enjoyed being a senior there. To add to his miseries, one Sunday afternoon, his house caught fire. Other than a few papers and photos of his father that were retrieved by his mother, they lost everything. Zan did not even have a pair of shoes. His pet cat was also missing.

Zan got depressed and did not want to attend school. He realised that he could not soak up in his sadness as they had to rebuild their life. They needed a new house, clothes, books, etc. They did not have any cash, credit cards, or identity proof and had to borrow money from his grandparents.

One day at school, Zan was astonished to see a table full of things – books, stationery items, clothes, etc which had been collected by his classmates. They were helping Zan. Zan was overwhelmed and made friends. He came out of the depression and realised that life was beautiful. Zan saw his house being rebuilt and felt that same was happening with his life too.

A kind woman returned his cat which had run away on being scared of the fire. Zan became full of life when he realised that life was not about material possessions but about love, affection, and being with one’s loved ones.

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