please give answer to 5th question
please give answer to 5th question 5. 6. In the picture, the perpendicular sides of AABC are parallel to axes. What are the coordillates of B? How much are the perpendicular sides of AABC? If M is the mid point of AC, what are the lengths of the vertical sides of AAPM? Then, find the coordinates of M. C(IO, 5) A(2, 1) If, AN : NC 1 : g. what arc the lengths of the perpendicular sides of AAQN? What arc the coordinates of N'? In the picture, if PB : BQ the coordinates of B. — 1 : 2, find Find the coordinates of the mid point of Find the coordinat Q(9. 7) A Activate VVindows Go IL: Lo iven pairs of points.


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answer is there in question ah mental look properly
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