Please give a clear and ASAP explaination stating the fundamental rights given to us by the constitution


Fundamental Rights- 
  1. Right to Equality (Articles 14 – 18)- Right to equality guarantees equal rights for everyone, irrespective of religion, gender, caste, race or place of birth. It ensures equal employment opportunities in the government and insures against discrimination by the State in matters of employment on the basis of caste, religion, etc. This right also includes the abolition of titles as well as untouchability
  2.  Right to Freedom (Articles 19 – 22)- Freedom is one of the most important ideals cherished by any democratic society. The Indian Constitution guarantees freedom to citizens. 
  3. Right against Exploitation (Articles 23 – 24)- This right implies the prohibition of traffic in human beings, begar, and other forms of forced labour. It also implies the prohibition of children in factories, etc.
  4. Right to Freedom of Religion (Articles 25 – 28)- This indicates the secular nature of Indian polity. There is equal respect given to all religions. There is freedom of conscience, profession, practice and propagation of religion.
  5. Cultural and Educational Rights (Articles 29 – 30)- These rights protect the rights of religious, cultural and linguistic minorities, by facilitating them to preserve their heritage and culture. Educational rights are for ensuring education for everyone without any discrimination.
  6.  Right to Constitutional Remedies (32 – 35)- The Constitution guarantees remedies if citizens’ fundamental rights are violated. The government cannot infringe upon or curb anyone’s rights. 

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