Please give a background of Maria Sharapova from reach from the top( part 2) from Beehive book

Maria Sharapova, whose full name is Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, was born in Russia on 19th April, 1987. She is basically of Belarusian descent and her father, Yuri Sharapova, was her first coach. She was first introduced to competitive tennis at the age of nine when she and her father flew to Florida, USA, where she began her tennis training. Her mother, Yelena had to remain behind in the remote and dreary Siberia in Russia because of visa problems. In America, Maria was almost all alone because her father was also very busy with her training.
Maria was bullied by the other girls but she bore with the humiliation and never let those incidents defocus her from what she wanted to become. Maria practised rigorously and she became Wimbledon Champion in 2004. In 2005, she attained the number one spot in women's professional tennis the next year. These were followed by numerous other on-field accolades.

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