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Adjectives and Determiners 
Determiners, like adjectives, are words that are used before a noun. Both adjectives-and determiners modify a noun, but there is a difference between them. 
Adjectives provide extra information about the noun. They tell us about a quality of the noun and can be used before or after a noun. 
Determiners introduce the noun by pointing it out. specifying it or by quantifying it. They can be used only before a noun. In fact, they are placed before the adjective or other words that modify the noun. 
For example: 
  • I like this blue umbrella. I do not like that green umbrella
The determiners this and that show the noun umbrella in relationship with the speaker by telling about its proximity (near or far) to him / her. 
The adjectives blue and green give more information about the noun umbrella with respect to its colour (quality). 

Dear student
Determiners point out the noun like in the examples: "This chair, That table"
Adjectives give an information/ describe about the noun like in the examples " This red chair, That yellow table"
Other examples:
1. Adjectives in Old chair, New table, Smooth floor, Rough mat :- Old, New, smooth, rough. These adjectives describe the QUALITY of the noun.
2. For easy remembering, Determiners are which you would say while pointing out your finger. For eg: This chair, That table

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