Please explain the meaning of this proverbial expression

2. Little bird who ate and drank and went out to challenge his personal spirit.
​3. We have climbed the iroko tree today and would be foolish not to take down all the firewood we need.
4. He is not like the mortar which as soon as food comes its way turns its back on the ground.
5. Who would leave an ozo feast and go to a poor ritual meal?

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. It means that one should not be like the little bird who had his small share of meal and assumed that he was all powerful and went to challenge those who were more powerful than him. In short, one should be aware of who he or she is.
  2. It means one ought to enjoy the fruits of one's hard work. Every person works hard in order to have success or see the result of their work. However some people ignore the final result, which is foolishness.
  3. One should not forgot the circumstances that he is placed in. Forgetting everything when blessings come, is a sign of ungratefulness.
  4. Ozo is a title of honour and position. The above phrase means that no one would leave their positions and power in order to go to the lowly state. It means that everyone prefers to be powerful and mighty and not humble himself and stoop to the position of a poor man. 
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