Please explain the following types of embryogeny:-
  1. Asterad
  2. Solanad
  3. Caryophyllad
  4. Chenopodiad
  5. ​Piperad

(a) In Asterad embryogeny, the embryo is formed from both, the basal and apical cells of two-celled proembryo. Apical cells of 2-celled proembryo divide via vertical wall.

(b) In Solanad embryogeny, the basal cells contribute to the formation of two or more celled suspensor. The major role is played by the apical cells in the embryo development.

(c) In Caryophyllad embryogeny, apical cells of 2-celled proembryo divide via transverse wall. The basal cells remain undivided. If suspensor is present, then it is derived from the apical cells.

(d) In Chenopodiad embryogeny, both the basal and apical cells contribute to the formation of embryo. ​Apical cells of 2-celled proembryo divide via transverse wall.

(e) In Piperad embryogeny, the zygote divides vertically.

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