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Please explain from it was said to have turned to their month was up fin c I ve no row Pillow or-ry to anci from him . noise n disturbed continual night by ameleon nrnent. rch, hali discharged t •wo on With aim which can only be attained by long and a writing-master. while the United States with his revolver, and called upon him. in Californian coquette 7, to hold up his hands! ghost starved with a wild shriek 8 of rage9, and swept through Vhem up a mist, extinguishinglO Washington Otis' candle as he Vassed, and so leaving them all in total darkness. On reaching top of the staircase he recovered himself, and determined give his celebrated peal II of demoniac12 laughter. This had on more than one occasion found extremely useful. was said to have turned Lord Raker's wig grey in a single night, and had certainly made three of I-ady French governesses give warning before their month was He accordingly laughed vaulted13 roof rang and Points to Ponder Over I. Why was Mr. Otis annoyed! rang again, but hardly 2. What type of a girl was Virginia? had the fearful echo 3. Is Mr. Otis justified when he brings died away when a door out his revolver?

Dear Student,

This line talks about the incidents when the ghost's evil laugh succeeded in scaring people. The first one was when Lord Raker's hair turned grey which is an idiom meaning he got so worried and scared hearing the laugh. The second one was when three of the French governesses gave warning before the month ended which means they got so horrified by the laugh that they wanted to quit working before they even got their monthly pay.


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