please explain formula of [a-b]3

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 If  you are asking (a-b) square then read this -

If you want to know the answer then you have to do like this-  

a(a-b)-b(a-b) ,

a square - ab -ba+b square , 

a square - (ab+ba) +b square,

a squre-2ab+b square - Ans


An example for you-

Q. (3x-2y)square

Ans. 3x(3x-2y)-2y(3x-2y),

9x sqaure -6xy-6yx+4y square,

9x square - (6+6)xy + 4y square,

9x square - 12xy+4y square - Ans


One more example for you -

Q. (x  - z  )square

Ans. x  (x  - z  )-z  (x  -z  )

x square - xz -zx + z square

x square - (xz+zx) + z square

x square - 2xz + z square -Ans.


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thanks for help

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