Please complete the story by after using these first lines


When Michele reached his house from the market, he saw a crowd gathered in his house. Shocked and disturbed, he started running towards the house. Many thoughts were flashing his mind, he started pushing through the crowd. He prayed for the safety of his family members. As he walked, he saw that the crowd was looking at a young girl who had lost her way and was sitting alone at his doorstep and crying. It seemed as if she was separated from her parents and had sat there. Michele could understand the pain of that young girl. He wanted to help her. Suddenly, he saw a man rushing towards her. The man told the young girl that a lady, in the other lane, was looking for her daughter. The description of the girl was quite similar with what the young girl looked like. The girl went with the man and found her mother. Both were very happy. Her mother gave her some ice-cream and sweets. Michele felt happy for the young girl.  

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