please check these answers on adverbs.

please check these answers on adverbs. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the brackets : I . Our new chapter complete. (near, nearly) 2. Why do yo u speak ers ? (angry. angrily) 3. From the a i rport, the leader went to the place of incident. 10. (direct, directly) / tried to remember your phone number (hard, hardly) These days my father is with me. (angry, angrily) Both the leaders spoke -about each other. ( bJtter. bi You can definitely rise vyy in life. (high, highly) The rotten eggs tasted . (bad, badly) speaking, I am not in your proposal. (true. truly) Sometimes you have to take some decisions. (hard, hardly

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All the answers written in the image above are absolutely correct. Keep up the good work!


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