Please answer this 2 practise question fast

(1)  Practise Question 1 - You are John, the secretary of your school's Science lab. A Science exhibition is being organised in your School. Write a Notice inviting projects and Models from the students.

(2    practise question 2 -  You are Ramesh / Arun Secretary, students forum of Sant Paul Public School, Chandigarh. You want to start  a wall magazine for students of school . write a notice in about 50 words urging the students to contribute article.




 15 August, 20xx.

 Our school has organised a Science Exhibition for students of classes IX to XI from 27 August to 29 August between 10 AM to 1 PM in the school auditorium. Models made by students on the theme 'Conservation' will be displayed and the best models from each class will be awarded special prizes. The prize winning models will be entered in the state level inter school competition.  Students interested in participating to give their names to the undersigned by 22 August.

(Coordinator, Science Club) 

 For assistance on the remaining queries, kindly post a single question in one thread.

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