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The entropy of a system is the measure of degree of randomness or disorderliness in the system. It is a thermodynamic property and is denoted by the symbol S. For e.g. a gas is more random than liquid which in turn is more random than solid. Thus entropy for solids, liquid and gases follows the order:


The particles of solid are orderly placed in their position, thus the entropy is minimum in solids. As the randomness in the position of the particles increases from liquid to gas, the entropy also increases. Thus, solids have lowest entropy as the particles of solid are orderly arranged and have very least random motion. Gases have highest entropy as the particles of gas are disorderly arranged and move about very randomly.  

When a system undergoes a change from one state to other state, change in entropy takes place which is denoted by symbol ΔS. We have the following relation


where q is the heat absorbed when the process is carried out reversibly and isothermally. T is the temperature. 
Entropy is state function and extensive property.

Hence, the correct option is (A).


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