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Please answer the question as fast 4, 5. the following according to the instructlons given after Make other that may rwcessary. bu t d o n ot Chan ge the mean an g oi ea ch g•ntervce EXAMPLE It w-as fortunate that I was not there. (LISC fortunately) WER rortunatzly I was not there Admitting that he is clever, he is proud. (Begm.• Though was fcÄ»Iish that he believed the old man. (Use: rather) is Yvond praise. (End: be praised.) pianist performed admirably on the stage. (Begin: The pianisES . Trey won the match. so I congratulated them. (Begin: I congratulated them . "Why di*'t I get a computer before?" thought the manager. (A•gin: The manager wondered The witness agreed to sign the document only after much persuasion. Only (hr secret plan has been discovered. (Begin: Someone

though he is clever, he is proud
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