Please answer the last question written on this page how to help milk Vikram in answering Vetal. Also explain this whole dilemma in your own words as I am not able to understand what is this ( images not clear to you please see page number 7 of Civics book class 10th, chapter 1 power sharing.)

Dear student,
It it is not feasible to to make you understand the whole story in a single thread because there must have been some parts you would have understood and some would be there in which you have ambiguity is so please tell us that specific path in which you are facing problems in understanding.
However here is the answer that you can frame for Vikram
Considering considering the old history of civil war of Lebanon it would not be e in the interest of people to abolish the present system of governance and impose the democracy on them as they might have seen the wrath that it brought together.
Dev therefore the present system of governance is is alright if it is ensuring peace in the community but as far as the question of Khalil is concerned that every person should have the right to reach the top position then the constitution of Lebanon can do some variations in their original peace pact
Some suggestions regarding changes in peace pact:-
1- it should be ensured that at least one powerful seat belongs to one community but the particular position should not be fixed that it would belong to this sect
For for the top four positions that can hold elections among themselves or among the general public.
Here is an example- 
If the post of president is to be elected then they can told the representatives of all for communities tu to make someone contest the election from your community and for that elections would be held publicly and the person with clear majority would win.
For the remaining posts the same kind of procedure could be followed but the seeds that have been fulfilled by a particular community then, member of that community should not be allowed to contest election for another seat in this way interests of all the communities would be safeguarded and peace could be sustained



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