Please answer que 2. It is from the chapter tiger king

Please answer que 2. It is from the chapter tiger king Answer the following questions in about 30 — 40 words each: QI. W%ycan one notmeet the Tiger King face-to-face, accordingto Kalki? Q2. Why does Kalki compare thenew born Tiger King'sclaim with the bulletins issued by thewaroffice? Q3. How was the Tiger King expected to reactto the prediction about his death? How did he actually react?

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In the court, the incredible matter that took place was the speaking of a barely ten days' old baby prince. The astrologers had said that the child would be a champion of champions but he would have to meet his death for the star under which his was born. The baby prince not only opened his lips in speech but also raised intelligent questions. He said that it is a known fact that whoever is born will have to meet his death, but the prediction of the astrologers would have some sense if they could tell the cause of the prince's death.
The speaking of the prince has been compared to the bulletins issued by the war office because the information about the speaking of the prince was as exaggerated and incredulous as the war news given by the war office in the bulletins issued by it. 


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