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Option 1 is CORRECT
At low pH [higher concentration of H+], -NH2 group gets protonated to -NH3+.
Thus, the attack of lone pair of N on carbonyl C becomes less favorable. Hence it becomes the slowest step or the RDS.

Option 2 is CORRECT
At high pH [higher concentration of OH-], protonation of -OH becomes difficult hence elimination of H2O becomes difficult.
Thus elimination of H2O becomes the slowest step or the RDS.

Option 3 is CORRECT
With a decrease in pH, the amine is protonated and equilibrium shifts in the forwarding direction such that more TH+ is formed and the reaction continues in the forwarding direction.

Option 4 is INCORRECT
With an increase in pH, the amine will not be protonated as the medium will be basic and the reaction cannot proceed in the forwarding direction.

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