plastic -boon or a curse ?

Apart from the answer provided by your friend, I would like to add few points.
Plastic is a curse to the society because the use of plastic is a non biodegradable substance. Plastic when burnt releases harmful gases which leads to pollution . The plastic bags blocks the drainage pipes which prevents the easy flow of water. This becomes a breeding room for many microbes spreading diseases in and around.If the plastic is recycled  it is much more toxic and poisonous. .

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Plastic : A curse to the society

We get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and use plastic buckets. Then we get our lunch box packed in a poly bag to prevent leakage. We use plastic containers, chairs, pens, etc. We have become so used to plastic that we dont even realize how much we use it. Because of the use of plastic this century or decade can also be called the plastic era. What a nice name, isnt it? Before answering this question, lets first know some facts about plastic.

Plastic is non-biodegradable, i.e. it doesnt degrade when buried. It doesnt get burnt and therefore is almost indestructible.

Plastic or poly bags contain toxins or in other words they can be called poisonous. When recycled, poly bags come back in the market with a small difference, i.e. they are slightly more poisonous.

When poly bags are thrown into rivers they settle at the river bed and therefore provide a hazard to the marine life as they stop the oxygen supply of small organisms living under the river bed. Plastic also pollutes water as it contains toxins.

Do you still think that plastic era is a good name for the century we live in? No. It should rather be called the recycling period or something. Maybe it will sound queer but better than plastic era. To change the plastic era into something better we must stop using or make less use of plastics. We must use wooden or metal buckets instead of plastic ones, paper bags instead of poly bags, glass containers, etc. So, shouldnt we get started?

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