Plants reproduce sexually through flowers. I know that pedicle- style, thalamus- ovary but I am not sure with these two but I know that androecium- stamen, gynoecium- pistil but I don't know that what are calyx and coolla. Can anybody tell me the answer and make me sure with all of these, please.

  1. Pedicel is a stalk that attaches single flowers to the main stem of the plant.
  2. Thalamus is a tip of the pedicel that develops into somewhat enlarged or bulged structure on which all parts of flower i.e sepals, petals, stamen and pistil are present.
  3. The pistil has three parts stigma,style and ovary.
  4. The androecium is the male reproductive organ aslo called as stamen and the gynoecium is the female reproductive organ also called pistil.
  5. All petals in a flower are together called corolla and all sepals in a flower are together called calyx.




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