perception of ideal woman

People have different perceptions about an ideal women. For example for a fashion industry she is an ideal beauty, for a society she is an ideal house wife who takes care of the family and performs all the household tasks efficiently, for an employer she is an ideal employee, for the prospective in laws she is an ideal bride who takes care of her husband and in-laws etc.

In a true sense a women can be called ideal if she is able to perform efficiently both as a homemaker and an employee outside. Gender stereotyping is one of the social evils existing in our society due to which women have been a depressed class and restricted mainly to the household activities while men are considered superior to women and do outside work. Changes are taking place in our society where the women can be seen bringing a change by stepping out of the house to do the outside work and be on equal footing with men. However it is challenging for a women to carry out both the tasks. She has to work all day at office and do the household tasks after she reaches home. It is the women who has to be a perfect wife, a perfect mother, a perfect daughter, a perfect sister, at home and a perfect employee outside.  

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1. she is an ideal viewer to the tv serial makers

2. she is an idela beauty to the fashion industry

3. she is an ideal house wife to the society

4. she is an ideal bride to the prospective in- laws.

5. she is an ideal employee to the employer and male employees.

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