People say that India is a federation with unitary features explain with the help of any five constitutional provisions

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India is a federation with a unitary bias and is referred as a Quasi federal State. Our Constitution makers opted for a strong centre  and there are many such provisions to support it:

a.  India is a federation with a unitary bias and is referred as a Quasi federal State because of strong central machinery.
b.The distribution of powers by the constitution between the Centre and states is unequal, Centre has more powers and important areas of jurisdiction within it purview. For example the union list containing more subjects and important subjects like defence, foreign affairs. 
 c. The Constitution also empowers the centre to create new states, to change the boundaries of the existing states, to split or merge existing states.
d. The Centre is financially more powerful , making states dependent on it for resources.
e. The position of the Governor, explains the centres' stronger position, the Governor is the central nominee , and acts a the representative of the centre in a state. Governor has the power to reserve bill for the consideration of the President passed by the states legislature , it has the power to give report on the breakdown of state machinery to the centre.
f. There has also been increased dependence of states on central forces like CRPF to maintain internal security and law and order.
g.  States are also dependent on the centre for resources.
h. The country has single citizenship.


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