PCl5 exists but Ncl5 does not why?

Simple!  PCl5 forms five bonds by using the d-orbitals to "expand the octet" and have more "places" to put bonding pairs of electrons. NCl5 does not exist because there are no d-orbitals in the second energy level. Therefore there is no way to arrange five pairs of bonding electrons around a nitrogen atom.

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b'coz  in P vacant 'd' orbitals are available  whereas in N there no vacant 'd' orbitas availabe but only 'p' orbitals are available

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Kuch in aata tum logo ko
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Because hybridisation of NCl5 is sp3d but it has no d orbital in the second energy level so cannot form NCl5 whereas in PCl5 the hybridisation is the same i.e sp3d and it has got vacant d orbital so it can form PCl5
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PCL5 exist but not in very stable form
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unlike pcl5,nitrogen does not have vacant d orbital so it cannot pair up in bonding with 5 more electrons....but since pcl5 contains vacant d orbital so it can participate in bonding
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