"overlapping social differences create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensionsjustify the statement with any 5 points

ye question mere s.st exam me aaya tha..jo kal hua tha..

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Hey about can u give me ur question paper of SST
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Hey arpit can u give me ur SST question paper
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Overlapping social differences create possibility of deep social divisions and tensions .explain.
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Sreevidhya Ramesh,
I suggest Improving your English.
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 ithink that you are wrong
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what is this sand tensions
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Overlapping difference happens when some social differences overlap other differences.When one kind of social difference becomes more important than the other and people starts feeling that they belongs to different communities.Thus they creates possibilities of deep social division sand tensions.For example- Black and white differences in US becomes a social division because the blacks tends to be poor and landless, and often face injustice and discrimination.
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