oranges are cheaper than apples.(use cheap instead of cheaper)
james is not as intelligent as mark.(use more intelligent instead of intelligent)
i donot eat as much chocolate as you do.(use more instead of much)
she is the richest woman in the country.(rich instead of richest)
africa is hotter than any other continent.(use hottestinstead of hotter)

Dear Student,
Please find the answer of your asked query:

1. Apples are not as cheap as orange.
2. Mark is more intelligent than James.
3. You eat more chocolate than I do.
4. No other woman in the country is as rich as her.
5 Africa is the hottest continent.


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Oranges are cheapest.
Mark is more intelligent than James.
You eat more chocolates than me.
She is one of the rich woman in the country.
Africa is the hottest continent....
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