only planned economies face the central problems not the free economies?

Planned economy is based on economic planning of resources ,in other words to efficiently and effectively use the available resources and benefit the households(entrepreneur, labour,landlords,capitalist) in a justified manner. In such an economy government or some organization interfere for socio-economic development.

In free Economy no government or regulatory institution is there to control the use of resources. Such situations is mainly parasited with capitalist( rich businessman) who use the country's resources for personal interest and fulfill their greed.
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Continued from above,

So in planned economy for justified development of all the Households, the central problem of whom to ,how to ,for whom to produce arises as economy as a whole work for general interest.

In free Economy use of resources is directed for the personal self interest of few individuals.
1.)So those goods are produces which yields maximum profit.
2.)That method of production is used which saves cost.
3.)All activities are directed for self interest.
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