One/ world/ one’s/ can/ mind/ who/
control/ can/ control the.
It is/ change/ easy to/ than/ one self/
world/ change the.
Is better/ prevention/ than cure                                            
(a) medical / are / vegetarians / bills / lower / the non-vegetarians / of / than
(b) vegetarianism / protection / from coronary / diseases / offers
(c) nephrologists / of their therapeutics / a major part / the diet / as / use
(a)Every boy / the assignment / submit / has to / by / evening / this  It is clear / of defensive (b)mechanism / is a sort / the tricks / each of / that 
©the villager / no courage/ a long / stood for / had / before/ to speak / city crowd/ the educated / time and
(a) since time immemorial/ have been respected/ teachers.
(a) a special/ child’s life/ in every/ teachers hold/ place
(b) for his or her/ it is they/ in the society/ who prepares/ life/ the child
(c) progressive society/ teachers are/ of a sound/ one of the / and /main pillars

The solutions to your first three queries have been provided below:
1. One who can control one's mind can control the world.
2. It is easy to change one self than change the world. 
3. Prevention is better than cure.

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