On which revision notes would i get about janapadas and mahajanpadas ?

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The following points may help you to get information about the Janapadas and mahajanapadas-
  • A janapada could be a republic (a state having an elected ruler or rulers).or a monarchy (a state ruled by a hereditary ruler). For example-,the janapada of Vajji in northern Bihar was a republic ,while the Janapada of magadha in sourthern Bihar was a monarchy.
  • Some Janapadas gained control over large areas and become mahajanapadas .
  • There were altogether 16 mahajanapadas.Among the important mahajanapadas were Kosala,Vatsa,Magadha,Vajji and Avanti.
  • Agriculture prospered in most of the mahajanpadas as they were located in fertile areas.
  • The mahajanapadas had rich resources ,which enabled their rulers to maintain eloborate system of education.
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